Apply Now – Launch (formerly Summer School)

You can either apply below using the online application form below, or you can download and print out the PDF from this link here and send a completed copy to:

SIL Australia
Academic Administrator
70 Graham Road
Kangaroo Ground
Victoria 3097 Australia

Our online application form is secured with SSL encryption so your information will be kept safe in transit

We do not recommend scanning-in and emailing the form with a signature and payment information due to the insecure nature of email.

If you have completed the online application form and you’ve still yet to pay the registration fee please follow this link

Important Information

  • SILA collects personal information from students to ensure quality training and service. This includes all the details in this form and records of assessments. Any information collected will not be disclosed for another purpose except by written consent of the person(s) concerned. SILA endeavours to ensure that all personal information collected and used is accurate and up to date. A copy of the full SILA Privacy Policy is available on the SILA website or upon request.

Personal Details

  • Applications close on 15 November
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Educational Background

  • Please provide the name of the institution, the qualification you achieved and the year you graduated
  • If you are from a non-English speaking background you will need to meet an English proficiency requirement. This is normally met by achieving an IELTS (Academic Version) score of 6.5. Please contact us for more information
  • For each field you fill below, please also fill in the field opposite with your level of fluency in the language (Native Speaker, Good, Average, Minimal)
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Further Information

  • The following information is not related to your enrolment but will help us with our planning
  • We recommend that you undertake SILA training as close as possible to taking up your assignment.
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  • If both you and your spouse are planning on studying, we require that you both apply separately.
  • Please enter their names, birth dates and gender
  • Some on-site accommodation is available. It is managed by Wycliffe Australia. Please apply for accommodation using the online application form. For more information contact
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  • Once you have completed the application, you will be taken to a page with further instructions and bank details. You can also find this page here.
    If you aren't sure which payment method you wish to use, please Contact Us before sending payment.
  • A registration fee (non-refundable) of $50 Australian needs to be sent along with your application form.


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