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This application form is for the SIL Australia Yearlong course offered through Melbourne School of Theology (MST)

Important Information

  • Please set aside at least one hour to complete this application form.
    Ensure that you have the following documents available before starting to fill in this form:
    • Copies of relevant certificates/transcripts
    • Photo identification

    While we do not require you to submit the aforementioned documents via this form, it will speed up the application process.

    We recommend that you use a Word processor such as Microsoft Word to draft your response to questions that require an extended answer. You can then copy and paste what you have written into the text field. This will ensure you have a copy of what you have written in case of a technical glitch during submission of your application.

    All questions with * are required fields.

  • Establishing initial contact with SILA is an essential part of the application process.
    Contact SILA:
    Phone: 03 9712 2601 (local) +61 3 9712 2601 (international)
  • If you are NOT a Wycliffe applicant/member, when you have discussed your course of study with SILA, and have completed this application in full, please give your Pastor the Pastoral Reference Form, and ask them to email it to or sent to MST via post.
  • Once the Enrolment office has received your application form (completed in full), with the reference form, and copies of your transcripts and certificates, your application will be reviewed by the Applications Committee. The Applications Committee usually invites applicants to attend an interview in person or by telephone.
  • Once the Applications Committee has approved your application, you will receive an official MST Acceptance Letter as well as Student Agreement document by email. You will need to fill out the Student Agreement and return to the Enrolment Coordinator by email to confirm your acceptance.
  • When your acceptance has been confirmed, you will then need to provide a copy of your enrolment confirmation to SILA. You will be sent an enrolment form which you will need to fill in and send to SILA’s Academic Administrator. Once this has been submitted, you have successfully completed the Application process and will be eligible to commence your studies at SILA & MST.
  • If you have any queries regarding the application process, please phone +61 3 9712 2601 and ask to speak with our Academic Administrator, or send an email to
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Section 1: Personal Information

  • Telephone
  • Church details:
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Section 2: Medical Details

  • Please make sure this person is aware you are providing their contact details to us for emergency purposes.
  • Telephone
  • MST reserves the right to request medical certification of your fitness to study, to ensure we are able to care for your individual needs.
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Section 3: Course of Study

  • If you are applying for a Graduate course, you will need to provide evidence of your previous University qualification (transcript/certificate).
  • If you are interested in undergraduate study please contact SILA at or click here to use our contact form
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Section 4: Financial Details

  • It is important that you read the MST Fee Schedule and the Fee Policy before completing this section. The 2016 Fee Schedule for domestic students can be found here and for international students here
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Section 5: Education

  • As part of your application we require copies of your transcripts from former courses. For information about entry requirements please refer to the outline of the Graduate Diploma of Divinity found on the MST website.
  • Secondary Education:
  • Tertiary Education 1
  • Tertiary Education 2
  • Tertiary Education 3
  • Tertiary Education 4
  • English Assessment
  • If English is not your first language we will need to assess your ability to study at an Australian Higher Education institution. MST may require you to complete an IELTS Academic Version Test which can be taken from most locations in the world.

    To locate an assessor near you, please go to to book and sit this test. You will need to provide us with a copy of your IELTS test, preferably when you submit your application, to be eligible to study at MST.

    Please note: Each course requires a minimum English Test score to gain entry. Each level of study requires a different score, so please be sure to check the course outlines on the MST website

  • For each field you fill below, please also fill in the field opposite with your level of fluency in the language (Native Speaker, Good, Average, Minimal)
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Section 6: Referees

  • Please ask Wycliffe to forward a letter of reference via email or post to MST.
  • Please give a reference form to your Pastor/Minister to complete and return via email or post to MST. The Pastoral Reference Form can be downloaded from the Apply Now page on the MST website
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Section 7: Additional Information

  • The following information is not related to your enrolment but will help us with our planning
  • We recommend that you undertake SILA training as close as possible to taking up your assignment.
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Section 8: Family

  • If both you and your spouse are planning on studying, we require that you both apply separately.
  • Please enter their names, birth dates and gender
  • Some on-site accommodation is available. It is managed by Wycliffe Australia. Please apply for accommodation using the online application form. For more information contact
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Section 9: Government Demographic Information

  • The Department of Education, and Training requires the following information as their preferred way of improving the method of gathering data on socioeconomic status, resulting from their Advancing Equity and Participation in Higher Education study of 2007.
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Section 10: Your Christian Life

  • The following questions are asked to assist us in understanding your intention to study, and for you to share with us your story. We are interested to know when and how you became a Christian, your personal goals in applying to study at MST & SILA, areas of Christian service you are presently involved in, what you expect to get out of your studies at MST & SILA, and where you see yourself in the future. We recognise that every person has a different story, and that there are no ‘right answers’. It’s your story.
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Section 11: Declaration

  • Please read through the regulations and declaration regarding the conditions of applying.
  • Closing dates for application: Applications need to be submitted by 15 November for the Summer semester. As the application process can take up to 3-4 weeks, it is advised to submit all paperwork as early as possible.

    Variation of Enrolment: Students who wish to vary their enrolment by addition of or withdrawal from a unit should consult student information distributed by MST for the critical dates that apply to that unit and the procedure to use to apply for a variation. After the Administrative Date and up to the Census Date of a unit, a Variation of Enrolment Fee applies. Withdrawal from a unit after the Withdrawal Date will normally attract a fail (FW) grade. [For more information, see under Variation of Enrolment]

    Re-crediting FEE-HELP balance: Candidates who withdraw after the census dates and wish to apply for re-crediting of their FEE-HELP balance must apply in writing to the Academic Administrator of the Australian College of Theology. A copy of the regulations for re-crediting FEE-HELP balances can be found on the Australian College of Theology website

    I have read the regulations and certify that to the best of my knowledge the above details are correct. I understand that my personal information will be stored by the Department of Education and Training in order to administer my FEE-HELP assistance. I understand that: the information on this form is collected for program administration purposes, including the viewing of graduate survey data by relevant parties such as Graduate Careers Australia. Authority to collect this information is contained in the Higher Education Support Act 2003; information may be shared between the Australian Taxation Office, Department of Education and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection; and information may not otherwise be disclosed without my consent unless authorised or required by law. Graduates’ names are published on the ACT website and manuals. I understand that I may request for my name not to be published. I understand that giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code.

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Additional Information

  • If you need to upload more documents, please use the additional upload tools below.
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