We value the partnership of people who would like to support the work of SIL Australia, even though they are not able to join as members. If you would like to support our work financially please consider the following opportunities to give:

Tax Deductible Funds

SIL Australia is an Income Tax Exempt Charity operating as a company limited by guarantee. It is a Deductible Gift Recipient endorsed by ATO. Gifts towards the following funds may be tax deductible.

SILA Language Development Scholarship Fund

SIL Australia prepares students for cross-cultural ministry, including Bible translation and literacy. This scholarship is available only to Australian citizens. It is awarded to assist with payment of tuition fees for advanced level language development studies at SIL Australia and is based on academic merit.

SILA School Building Fund

The School Building Fund is used for acquiring, constructing or maintaining buildings for use in the cross-cultural education programmes run by SIL Australia. It can be used for capital improvements and maintenance, as well as installing and maintaining fixtures.

SILA Overseas Aid and Development Fund

The OADF provides funding for SIL International approved language development projects in a range of countries. Funds are raised in partnership with World Relief Overseas Aid Fund. SILA complies with WRA’s Code of Conduct, which includes a commitment to ‘help people in need in developing countries irrespective of nationality, race, gender, political conviction or religious belief and not to use funds designated for the purposes of relief and development to promote a particular religious adherence’.

Other Financial Support (not tax-deductible)

If you don’t require a tax-deductible receipt, you may like to support other aspects of our work. Some suggestions are:

  • the consultancy services we offer
  • students’ costs other than those covered by the scholarship fund above, e.g. fees of non-Australian students, accommodation and living costs, fees for introductory study
  • equipment and other non-capital costs associated with our facilities
  • library

Please contact us for more information about any of these funds or suggestions about current needs.

Gifts for any of these funds/purposes may be made by Direct Debit, Credit Card or Cheque.
Cheques should be made out to ‘SIL Australia’ and posted to SILA, 70 Graham Road, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097, with a clear indication of the intended recipient/purpose.